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We all see it. CBD being sold at gas stations, video stores, dollar stores and even auto parts stores. It is shocking but it isn’t at the same time. America is built on the dream. The dream of getting rich and living better than the rest of the world. For that reason we cannot hate on the desire of capitalizing on this booming industry. But we must caution you with this one statement, “You get what you pay for, in this industry.” If it is boasting thousands of mgs of CBD and or no THC at all, it is not the best products already. Whenever there is an absurd amount of CBD printed on the label it is either a bold face lie or it is just common hemp oil. That is just the first thing to be concerned with…next is that the person selling it to you has no idea what and why they are selling CBD. They probably do not even take it themselves. And if they do they probably did not buy it there. People usually are exposed to CBD by a friend or family member when they are explaing how much CBD has helped them change their life. That recommendation was to either a website or a local CBD store. If it is the web, then your referral is probably a good one but maybe you can find that same product locally. If you can’t maybe someone will order it for you specially? Website orders are nice and easy. But it just lacks the conversation and abilities to sample and read all the labels. Now, after you have been taking CBD for some time and have done the research you can sometimes jump into a CVS and pickup your Charlotte’s Web but in a THC free form, still not the best. But you can get by if that is what you need. Some stores have their own website for convenience. We offer free shipping and same day processing. We can usually get it shipped the same day. So, I think we are seeing a solution to all of your CBD needs. Find a local store that knows what is best and has a website so you can order from the convenience of your home or office, right from the phone or laptop. Build a relationship with that store and it’s staff. This way you will always be up to date on product knowledge and industry standards. Plus, they will probably offer discounts that the major players will not offer. Shop small and shop local with a local CBD expert. Oh, and if they do not have CBG, CBN or THCv then they might be a little behind. See you soon! #indycbd

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