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Have you heard of CBG? If you have not then you need to stop in or call the store to talk about the studies on CBG. It has many positive qualities and can benefit so many people in so many different ways. There are many new studies on CBG. One is the CBG White Paper by HempTown USA. They are really leading the way in this CBG craze. 2020 is going to be the year of CBG and to get seeds they are only $1 but the minimum is 5k seeds per order. Interested in growing CBG? Interested in trying CBG? Come into the store, send an email or call us up! 3179610191 is the store number and it is attached to a cellular device so you can send pictures and links for any CBD question. Hope this helps a little with the CBG news. Oh, and if you need raw materials we can do that too! CBG distillate anyone?!

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