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Everyone is wanting to smoke hemp flower these days. We definitely offer some options in store but we do not think that it is the best approach for treating symptoms long term. Lets go over the pros and cons of smoking flower versus ingesting the CBD/CBG oils. We will start with flower…

Flower is definitely a full spectrum product, which means that it is going to have all of the cannabinoids that naturally occur in the cannabis plant. Cannabinoid examples are CBD, CBDA, CBDV. CBG, CBGA, THC, THCA, THCV, and that is just some of the few that we are currently aware of today. There are supposedly more than 100 cannabinoids currently discovered. Smoking flower is one of the fastest ways to get the cannabinoids into your blood stream and it is the method of the least waste. But with burning plant material it involves inhaling heat and carbons. There are dry vape options that are safer than rolling your own or using some device to burn the flower. Now, with smoking it is efficient and the onset time is immediate but that also means that the exit is going to be faster than many other options in the store. Now lets move onto the CBD/CBG oils.

CBD/CBG oils are categorized into 3 types. Full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolates. Each one has it’s own benefits as well and more or less are a perfect fit for the certain type of customer treating certain symptoms and maybe they cannot test positive for THC. Now, the full spectrum oils do not technically have all the cannabinoids within the oil. Well, isn’t that confusing? When the cannabis/hemp is processed through the extractors you naturally lose some of the cannabinoids and that is just how it works. Broad spectrum means that it has at least 2 cannabinoids, terpenes and no THC. Isolate CBD is just plain 99.9% CBD and nothing else. Mother Nature prefers the full spectrum oils as that it is how it was intended but some employers and people are subject to drug screens so you have something for everyone. The oils are administered underneath the tongue and they are absorbed by the sublingual glands that take the CBD to the blood stream. It can take 30 seconds up to a minute and a half to be fully absorbed. You can swallow the oil and if it is made with certain carrier oils it will be absorbed in the GI tract. It can be effective all day and the onset can be as quick as instant to 3 minutes. Depends on the person. Of course none of this has been proven by the FDA, so you should consult a physician first.

Now that we have discussed and looked at some of the pros and cons to flower versus oils, what do you think? Do you have more questions? We always go with an oil or capsule first and then accompany our CBD oil with a topical, vape or edible product. Smoking can be included but it is not great to inhale burning material. But these are our opinions and that does not mean we are the most correct or that we do not welcome flower customers into the store. We just wanna find what method is best for your symptoms, which is what you came in to do anyway. If you have any CBD, CBG or CBN questions or any other cannabinoid you can reach us in email at indycbdplus@gmail.com and you can call or text us at 3179610191. Have a great day!

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