HHC .5mL Carts by Forge Hemp Company




Each half-gram cartridge contains pure HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) and 5% premium cannabis-derived Garlic Jam, Guava Jam or Mimosa strain terpenes.

You will be forgiven if you’ve never heard of HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol). HHC is one of many known cannabinoids (like CBD, CBN, CBG, THC, etc.) found naturally in the hemp plant. HHC is rare because it is not Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), but produces a similar sensation. Until recently, HHC has not been isolated in quantities significant enough to be brought to the marketplace.

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REGARDING FILL DEPTHS: Each iKrusher cartridge contains at least 0.50 grams of HHC with cannabis-derived terpenes. Please anticipate that the cartridge will not be completely filled to its capacity, and the HHC may have settled or created bubbles during shipping. We validate 1/2 gram weights throughout our filling sessions to ensure you receive no less than 1/2 gram, as advertised. Why? Karma! We’re not jeopardizing our karma! Plus, also living up to our commitments to quality, integrity, value, etc…


Guava Jam, Garlic Jam, Mimosa

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