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April is the king month of all months for the Cannabis industry across the world. Here in Indianapolis the Cannabis industry means Hemp and CBD. We had a little awards show. We had a little 4/20 sale. We kept the stigma alive at the same time. Are we happy about it? Meh…It was good for Indianapolis. It was good for Indiana. CBD, Hemp and Cannabis awards which are not illegal to have, showed the community that plant based medicine can be fun, safe and educational. There was a “Roll Your Own” contest and that was exciting. There were many awards handed out(we did not win). There were vendors there selling all state and federally approved Hemp products. We visited a couple events up in Michigan to support some of the brands that we carry in our store. One cool thing is the friends that you make while working within such an interesting field. We started having deal days at the store like many of the dispensaries have in all of the medical states. This is great for the customer as you know what the discounted day is going to be and what the discount is going to be in advance. Sometime new things are added and some go away in larger stores with more volume but that isn’t CBD. We also added a loyalty program that we hope stays with us while we transition to a new merchant service company. Next month(starting tomorrow sometime) we are supposed to be dropped by Evalon along with 50k other CBD retailers. JOY! So April showers brings May flowers and on July 1 those flowers gotta be gone because Indiana law says so…Thanks for reading. I feel like I am getting better at this. What do you think?

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