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How much do you know about CBD? Ever heard of CBG? You probably know some things about THC, but probably not the medical parts? Would you like to know more? Would you come to the store for free education and training? We can equip you with the right information to buy the right CBD products for you and your family. After you get all this knowledge, you can use it when you travel out of town and then some day you can make your own products. That is when you have really gotten the value out of our continued education and cannabinoid discussions. We are open 7 days a week so that everyone has a chance to get in the door. Along with our free education we also are going to have you sample some of the leading products in the country. The education and the samples are the 2 most important things in running a high-quality CBD store. It is not about how pretty your store is or the influencer behind the brand. It is solely about the value of the business and the community that it is operating in. If you wanna get more value out of your CBD experience, visit Indy CBD Plus today!

5144 Madison Ave SUITE 5, Indianapolis, IN 46227
Open Monday-Friday: 10AM-6PM | Saturday: 10AM-6PM | Sunday: 12PM - 5PM