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We know that everyone is talking about CBD right now. Obtaining wellness and being the best version of you is what is most important in this life. That being said we wanted to ask you if you are being consistent in your CBD usage? If you are not consistent for the first 30 days, you will not know the difference between a day with the benefits and a day without the benefits of CBD. After having used CBD for over a year I can sometimes go a day without adding more to my endocannabinoid system but by the second or sometimes the third day my pains start to come back and my attitude starts to change just a little. But if it was not for the first 30 days and being really consistent on my usage, I would not be where I am today. If the CBD you are taking is not giving you the results you expect then go back to the store you purchased it at and have a discussion about your experience. Hopefully this helps anyone who is still researching CBD. Oh, and even if you did not buy the CBD products from us, we would still be happy to discuss what your experiences have been like.

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