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If you are looking for CBD in Indianapolis, look no further! Indy CBD Plus has all the hemp oil, CBD oil and many other CBD products. We have the most competitive pricing and the largest selection of CBD products in the state. Anything from CBD bath bombs, to CBD suppositories. These products will not get you high but will do something better and that is give you a better quality of life. CBD is something that Indianapolis is still not used to and that is why the education process and sampling is so important. We want you to come in and have a discussion and let you try some samples. This process will insure that you get the proper information and that you get to sample the product and sometimes you will feel it within seconds and sometimes it can take much longer. There are many delivery methods for CBD and they are all beneficial. Some people’s body chemistry requires them to take CBD in a different form. Most of us in the building like the CBD oils with the carrier oil being a MCT oil. That does not mean that it is what is right for everyone as it just seems to work best for us. Proper dosing is a concern as you do not want to pay too much and you do not want to buy a product that will not give you the expected results. Our other top choice for getting our CBD is through the vape process. We like the cartridges and we like the concentrates too! There are many advantages to these and it is mostly that you get the most active ingredient for the smallest amount of money. They do require you to purchase some form of hardware. This devices are not that expensive, but can be and they are are one time cost. We have a starter POD kit for the ejuice folks and OOZE batteries for the carts and personal vaporizers. There are a couple other brands in the store but this is just a beginning blog and there will be many more to come! Thanks for taking time to read this and please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

5144 Madison Ave SUITE 5, Indianapolis, IN 46227
Open Monday-Friday: 10AM-6PM | Saturday: 10AM-6PM | Sunday: 12PM - 5PM