Enjoy Hemp created the highest quality and most potent gummy on the market with their Live Rosin Delta 9 THC Gummies.

Each gummy contains 15 mg of Delta-9 THC + Live Rosin per gummy with 40 gummies per jar for a total of 600 mg of THC.

Their Rosin is from solventless and made from fresh uncured Oregon-grown hemp flower. This preserves the most desirable plant compounds for extra potency and quality.

These gummies will knock your socks off with potency and flavor! Their blend of Live Rosin Indica or Sativa terpene-infused gummies may help you find your chill or euphoria.

  • High potency – 15 mg THC each per gummy
  • Infused
  • All-natural | Vegan | Gluten-Free | No Corn Syrup
  • Fully Lab Tested for potency and purity

Enjoy recommends starting off with 1/4 of gummy and wait 90 mins. Take more as needed. Do not take more than 1 gummy in one-sitting. Edibles take about 90 minutes to kick in so start slow.


Euphoria/Blue Raspberry (Sativa), Chill/Pineapple (Indica), Bliss/Strawberry (Hybrid)